Johann Cegledi Technical Engineer

Corporate philosophy and strategic approach play a decisive role in driving forward the energy transition. With the inverter manufacturer GoodWe, we have found a reliable and strong partner who shares our interest in making our planet greener.

The long-standing and proven cooperation with GoodWe is based on trust, reliability and joint experience that we have gained over the course of the last few years. During this time, processes have also been aligned, future-oriented work has been carried out and open communication with clear objectives has been cultivated.

Our contacts at GoodWe know our strengths and challenges and are always willing to support us with various concerns. Due to the dedicated cooperation and detailed customer feedback, we are able to drive innovations and are thus able to adapt to the changing needs of the energy market.

An important aspect that accounts for the success of the top-tier company GoodWe is the wide range of products that can be used to equip various system sizes in the residential and commercial sectors. The ease of installation and commissioning allows a quick and efficient completion of customer installations. I had my first contact with the commissioning process on a GW10K-ET Plus and was impressed by the user-friendliness and speed of the process. From a technical point of view, these points were mastered brilliantly and are enormously important, as they influence the work procedure and control the efficiency on the assembly side.

We are looking forward to a future of good cooperation and new technological innovations to meet future challenges together.