Embracing e-mobility with a range of charging solutions

The future of transportation is electric, and at Energy3000, we recognize the importance of providing diverse charging solutions to support this transition. We partner with proven specialists such as Fronius, go-e, Huawei, SolarEdge, Solax and SMA to offer charging solutions for every location and purpose, from residential homes to commercial and community spaces, as well as public areas. Our charging solutions are designed to cater to various needs and preferences. With integrated load and energy management, we prioritize fulfilling your requirements, whether it‘s maximizing the use of your own electricity or ensuring fast charging. For ultimate convenience, we offer portable charging solutions that allow you to have your charging station with you wherever you go. Additionally, we provide all[1]in-one solutions, such as our innovative PV carports, which not only protect vehic[1]les but also generate electricity. This energy can be utilized for direct charging or fed into the in-house power grid. Our PV carports are available in flexible designs and equipment variants, accommodating individual e-cars, multiple vehicles, or even entire vehicle fleets.