Sabine Dörflinger Key Account & Project Manager

I still remember the start of the cooperation with SL-Rack very well. It was in 2021 at the Intersolar in Munich when the founder and managing director of SL-Rack Ludwig Schletter and the sales manager Florian Achatz approached us with the „Alpha deal“.
What is the Alpha Deal? Yes, we asked ourselves the same question – but after a brief product presentation of the SL-RACK alpha panel, it was clear that this flexible roof replacement panel was still missing from our range – A really clever system!

In the meantime, an excellent partnership has developed and the exchange with SL Rack works brilliantly. A few months ago, the order for a large and good customer was placed incorrectly, SL Rack put this right within a very short time. The team, especially Florian Achatz, is always cooperative, helpful and friendly. Above all, they always offer customer-oriented solutions.

In July 23 Florian was with us in Müllendorf and checked out our Christmas present from the previous year – a real SL Rack-Grill. Florian, it was delicious, thank you!


Natália Csákó Head of Category Management

As an Austrian company, we naturally want to have the mounting systems from the Austrian manufacturer Aerocompact in our portfolio.

Over the years, Energy3000 and Aerocompact have grown together. The growth also brought new challenges, which we have successfully mastered together. Overall, I am having a very good relationship with Aerocompact.

For some time now, we are not only communicating through emails, we are also having video calls every two weeks.

These meetings are mutually beneficial, and not only are business topics discussed, but personal experiences and weekend plans are also exchanged.

Because of this friendly relationship, I hope that we will be able to work together for a long time to come.


Anto Matijasevic Product Manager

As one of the leading dealers on the Austrian market and as an international player, we want to offer our customers a diverse selection of mounting options. With Premium Mouting Technologies, or PMT for short, in the field of Mounting Systems, we have found a company that fits our goals and ideals. Through intensive cooperation, Energy3000 and PMT have jointly overcome major challenges, especially in times of highly stressed logistical infrastructure. In order to achieve common goals, an exchange is necessary not only by e-mail, but also in person. Through phone calls, events or company visits, the relationship between PMT and Energy3000 is constantly promoted. All of this paves the way for us to set an example in the face of advancing climate change. A reliable and established manufacturer in the field of substructure is essential for us as a dealer as well as for our customers.


Heinz Schuld Vice President

For a long time I was looking for a simple and intuitive mounting system for my flat roof projects. I have always wondered why we can’t use the cost-effective material steel, which has been used successfully in open spaces for years, in flat roofs.

With the iFix system, voestalpine has succeeded in developing a system with only three steel components. These three components are suitable for all common framed PV modules and this enables flexible, simple and quick installation on the roof.

I am pleased to have a partner who is not only an expert in materials science and forming processes, but also supplies high-quality molded parts that I can use in my projects without hesitation. At the same time, in voestalpine, we have a partner who listens carefully and enables us to make suggestions for improvement. An example of this is the quick and flexible implementation of my desire to attach the grounding symbol to the product.

In addition, from a logistical point of view, the product is a dream. It is neatly sorted, packed in cardboard boxes and fits on any Euro pallet. No long rods or bulky parts!