Let us introduce ourselves.

Many specialists – one vision. The Energy3000 solar team introduces itself.

Christian Bairhuber Kopie

Ing. Christian Bairhuber CEO

Martin Wieger

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wieger Vice President

Heinz Schuld

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Schuld Vice President

Anna Bairhuber

Anna Schuh Vice President

Michael Bairhuber

Michael Bairhuber Vice President


Dr. Martin Seidl Head of Legal Department


Natasa Milenkovic Assistant of the Board Law & Compliance

Dino Smudla

Dino Šmudla Head of Sales

Bernhard Goldberger

Bernhard Goldberger Head of Sales

Balázs Horváth

Balázs Horvath Head of Sales

Andrei Gincu

Andrei Gincu Head of Sales


Gabriele Rosso Head of Sales

Ali Rahmati-Moser

Ali Rahmati-Moser Key Account Manager for Utility Projects & Technical Advisor for Large Scale Storage

Christian Frkat

Christian Frkat Key Account Manager

Svetlin Angelov

Svetlin Angelov Area Sales Manager

Pablo Pastor Maldonado

Pablo Pastor Maldonado Area Sales Manager

Roman Cwienk

Roman Cwienk Area Sales Manager

Bernd Kirchberger

Bernd Kirchberger Area Sales Manager

Thorsten Sonneborn

Thorsten Sonneborn Area Sales Manager

Jaroslav Minarovic

Jaroslav Minarovič Area Sales Manager

Roland Gal

Roland Gál Area Sales Manager

Michael Wetten

Michael Wetten Area Sales Manager

Christian Pittner

Christian Pittner Area Sales Manager

Fabian Ferda

Fabian Ferda Area Sales Manager


Antonella Scarfò Branch Manager Italy


Elettra Adamoli Sales & Marketing Italy


Rachele Giordano Sales and Administration Assistant Italy


Pietro Codognola Sales & Technical Support Italy


Angelo Tagetto Logistics Manager Italy

Alessandra Menegon

Alessandra Menegon Area Sales Manager

Matteo Taglioli

Matteo Taglioli Area Sales Manager

Arianna Lanaro

Arianna Lanaro Area Sales Manager

Wenqi Guo

Wenqi Guo Director of Supply Chain (China)

Iris Schumich

Iris Schumich Head of Accounting

Tamara Hellmann

Tamara Hellmann Accounting

Bettina Jagschitz

Bettina Jagschitz Accounting

Hannelore Krisam

Hannelore Krisam Accounting

Karoline Hauer

Karoline Hauer, BA Head of Marketing & Communications

Celine Neumayer

Celine Neumayer Marketing Assistant

Klaus Vyskocil

Klaus Vyskocil Art Director

László Király

László Király Graphic Designer

Sandra Zajac

Sandra Zajac Backoffice

Katalin Markus

Nurdzhan Miroslavova Trainee E-Commerce

Natália Csákó

Natália Csákó Head of Category Management

Doris Renner

Doris Renner Category Management

Benedikt Knotzer

Benedikt Knotzer Category Management

Lukas Mock

Lukas Mock Category Management

Melanie Scheiber

Melanie Scheiber Category Management

Selinda Üstün

Selinda Üstün Junior Category Management

Marco Schmalzl

Marco Schmalzl Logistics Manager

Iringó András

Iringó András Trainee Logistics

Adrienn Toth

Adrienn Tóth Logistics Manager

Michael Fröch

Michael Fröch Process Manager

Carina Melchior

Carina Melchior Head of Internal Sales

Constanze-Nicole Fröhlich

Constanze-Nicole Fröhlich Internal Sales

Ekaterina Ponomareva

Ekaterina Ponomareva Internal Sales

Veronika Szalai

Veronika Szalai Internal Sales

Attila Süle

Attila Süle Internal Sales

Annalena Mad

Annalena Mad Internal Sales

Ines Kruisz

Ines Kruisz Internal Sales

Nicole Bierbaum

Nicole Bierbaum Internal Sales

Özgür Karakus

Özgür Karakus Internal Sales

Ákos Dobri

Ákos Dobri Internal Sales

Florian Frauhammer

Flórián Frauhammer Technical Engineer & Project Manager

Milán Kollányi

Milán Kollányi Technical Engineer & Project Manager

Sabine Dörflinger

Sabine Dörflinger Key Account & Project Manager

Anto Matijasevic

Anto Matijasevic Technical Engineer & Product Manager

Nikola Milenkovic

Nikola Milenkovic Technical Engineer & Product Manager

Kenneth Neuhauser

Kenneth Neuhauser Technical Engineer

Laarak Labbafi

Laarak Labbafi Technical Customer Support and Project Manager

Johann Cegledi

Johann Cegledi Technical Engineer

Daniel Feiler

Daniel Feiler Technical Engineer

Niklas Steiner

Niklas Steiner Junior Technical Engineer & Project Manager

Marko Ilic

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marko Ilic Project Manager

Max Lackner

Max Lackner IT Department

Vivien Marusak

Vivien Marusak Trainee


Leonie Bauer Trainee

Bertalan Erky

Bertalan Erky Trainee

Mirza Sejmenovic

Mirza Sejmenovic Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Délia Homlódi-Cina

Délia Homlódi-Cina Backoffice Warehouse & Logistics

Joelina Pecik

Joelina Pecik Backoffice Warehouse & Logistics

Afan Sejmenovic

Afan Sejmenovic Warehouse & Commissioning

Michael Hager Kopie

Michael Hager Warehouse & Commissioning

Michael Bettac

Michael Bettac Warehouse & Commissioning

Markus Medwenitsch

Markus Medwenitsch Warehouse & Commissioning

Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy Warehouse & Commissioning

Gordana Matijasevic

Gordana Matijasevic Warehouse & Commissioning

Balázs Laczi

Balázs Laczi Warehouse & Commissioning

Clirim Mema

Clirim Mema Warehouse & Commissioning

Barnabás Fodor

Barnabás Fodor Warehouse & Commissioning

Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs Warehouse & Commissioning

Emir Bekan

Emir Bekan Warehouse & Commissioning

Karl Kruisz

Karl Kruisz Warehouse & Commissioning

Ljubica Milenkovic

Ljubica Milenkovic Warehouse & Commissioning

Devid Sarkany

Devid Sarkany Warehouse & Commissioning

Justin Davids Rupitz

Justin David Rupitz Warehouse & Commissioning

Steczák Bertalan

Bertalan Steczák Warehouse & Commissioning

Andre Schölzky

Andre Schölzky Trainee

Dejan Miksic

Dejan Miksic Trainee

Elvis Zink

Elvis Zink Trainee

Nikoletta Kovácsne Vargas

Nikoletta Kovácsne Facility Services

Andrea Soósné Tóth

Andrea Soósné Tóth Facility Services

Blagoje Bojovic

Blagoje Bojovic Facility Services

Pintér Tamás

Tamás Pintér Facility Services