Sabine Dörflinger Key Account & Project Manager

I still remember the start of the cooperation with SL-Rack very well. It was in 2021 at the Intersolar in Munich when the founder and managing director of SL-Rack Ludwig Schletter and the sales manager Florian Achatz approached us with the „Alpha deal“.
What is the Alpha Deal? Yes, we asked ourselves the same question – but after a brief product presentation of the SL-RACK alpha panel, it was clear that this flexible roof replacement panel was still missing from our range – A really clever system!

In the meantime, an excellent partnership has developed and the exchange with SL Rack works brilliantly. A few months ago, the order for a large and good customer was placed incorrectly, SL Rack put this right within a very short time. The team, especially Florian Achatz, is always cooperative, helpful and friendly. Above all, they always offer customer-oriented solutions.

In July 23 Florian was with us in Müllendorf and checked out our Christmas present from the previous year – a real SL Rack-Grill. Florian, it was delicious, thank you!


Kenneth Neuhauser Trainee Technical Engineering

In the still young but successful partnership with Tongwei Solar, we have already achieved considerable milestones. Together, we have been able to implement innovative solutions in the field of solar energy that embody both technological excellence and sustainability.

The cooperation was characterised by efficient communication and a smooth exchange of information. Christina Wang in particular proved to be a very reliable and trustworthy contact person who always strove to achieve our common goals.

Tongwei Solar has helped to strengthen our position in the solar energy industry, promote sustainable growth and make a significant contribution to the global energy transition.

We are proud of the successes we have achieved so far and look forward to the opportunity to continue working closely with them in the years to come. We are convinced that our partnership bond is strong and that we will celebrate many more successful achievements together.


Johann Cegledi Technical Engineer

Corporate philosophy and strategic approach play a decisive role in driving forward the energy transition. With the inverter manufacturer GoodWe, we have found a reliable and strong partner who shares our interest in making our planet greener.

The long-standing and proven cooperation with GoodWe is based on trust, reliability and joint experience that we have gained over the course of the last few years. During this time, processes have also been aligned, future-oriented work has been carried out and open communication with clear objectives has been cultivated.

Our contacts at GoodWe know our strengths and challenges and are always willing to support us with various concerns. Due to the dedicated cooperation and detailed customer feedback, we are able to drive innovations and are thus able to adapt to the changing needs of the energy market.

An important aspect that accounts for the success of the top-tier company GoodWe is the wide range of products that can be used to equip various system sizes in the residential and commercial sectors. The ease of installation and commissioning allows a quick and efficient completion of customer installations. I had my first contact with the commissioning process on a GW10K-ET Plus and was impressed by the user-friendliness and speed of the process. From a technical point of view, these points were mastered brilliantly and are enormously important, as they influence the work procedure and control the efficiency on the assembly side.

We are looking forward to a future of good cooperation and new technological innovations to meet future challenges together.


Balazs Horvath Head of Sales

With SolarEdge, we were able to win a top inverter manufacturer for our portfolio. The revolutionary SolarEdge inverters take the photovoltaic industry to a new level. We have been a proud SolarEdge partner for more than 5 years now – the groundbreaking technology and years of experience of SolarEdge have convinced us.
SolarEdge inverters are equipped with a unique power optimisation technology that optimises the energy output of the system. Due to this innovative feature, the modules work more efficiently. My favourite SolarEdge feature is the user-friendly app – you get comprehensive insights into the installations and have an overview of the current energy yield at any time.
SolarEdge relies on first-class workmanship to ensure long-term and reliable performance, which convinces us again and again.
Last but not least: The technical support from SolarEdge always inspires me. The colleagues are top trained and always ready to help when someone from Energy3000 needs assistance!


Antonella Scarfò Sales Manager

One of Energy3000’s longest-standing partners is undoubtedly Risen Solar. We recognise the Chinese company as a solid ally in facing together the transition to a greener future.

With an estimated capacity of 45GW (2023), Risen has guaranteed us excellent product availability over the years: our purchasing department and that of the manufacturer have been working in synergy for years.

It is no coincidence that in Italy, we have chosen to use Risen RSM120-6-340M modules for our logistics warehouse.


Andrei Gincu Head of Sales

The collaboration between Energy3000 solar and Canadian Solar has proven to be extremely successful and has had a lasting impact on the solar energy industry. The close partnership between the two companies resulted in remarkable progress that has driven the expansion of renewable energy and contributed to a sustainable future.

A key role in shaping this collaboration is Wen-Hsin of Canadian Solar. Her enthusiastic commitment and her sympathetic manner have left a lasting impression on us. I immediately felt comfortable due to Wen’s positive charisma and friendliness at the first meeting. This cordial encounter laid the foundation for a successful partnership characterized by mutual trust and respect.

A crucial part of the success of this cooperation is the product portfolio of Canadian Solar. The high-quality photovoltaic modules are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio that is ahead of the market demands. The combination of impressive performance, quality and efficiency has made Canadian Solar panels a preferred product in the market and their contribution to the support of renewable energy is undeniable. The partnership between Energy3000 solar and Canadian Solar has shown that sustainable technologies that focus on quality and efficiency are a driving force for change towards a greener future.


Michael Bairhuber Vice President

Huawei stands for concentrated power! In addition to high-quality products, Huawei’s numerous benefits result in an all-round carefree package – not only for us as a system house, but also for our specialist partners and their end customers.

As part of our long-standing partnership, many colleagues from Huawei have already visited us and we have already been warmly welcomed at Huawei’s headquarters.

The exchange with the top management of Huawei, around Managing Director of Huawei Smart PV Business, Mr. Sai Kuang was really a highlight and we have been able to further consolidate and expand our partnership since then.

Our Huawei Channel Manager Stella must also be mentioned. She is available for us around the clock and plays an important role in our joint success! Thank you Stella for your daily support!


Natasa Milenkovic Assistant of the Board

SMA is worldwide known as a leading specialist in photovoltaic system technology, especially for the development and manufacture of inverters. SMA also was the first manufacturer I was allowed to support when I started at Energy3000. Our supervisor and contact person at SMA is Manuel. Cooperation with Manuel and the entire team is outstanding, I can only tell positive things about the support and the quality at SMA. We are constantly in contact with product innovations and are always informed about news.

No matter who you ask at Energy3000, everyone agrees – Manuel is more than just a business partner. Over the years, he has become a friend. As a result, everyone enjoys working with SMA. I am very happy to be able to work with Manuel and SMA and I am looking forward to a further pleasant and future-oriented business relationship.


Natália Csákó Head of Category Management

As an Austrian company, we naturally want to have the mounting systems from the Austrian manufacturer Aerocompact in our portfolio.

Over the years, Energy3000 and Aerocompact have grown together. The growth also brought new challenges, which we have successfully mastered together. Overall, I am having a very good relationship with Aerocompact.

For some time now, we are not only communicating through emails, we are also having video calls every two weeks.

These meetings are mutually beneficial, and not only are business topics discussed, but personal experiences and weekend plans are also exchanged.

Because of this friendly relationship, I hope that we will be able to work together for a long time to come.


Doris Renner Category Management

In fact, Fronius is one of the longest-standing suppliers of Energy3000. Astrid has been my direct contact person for 10 years now. For us, working in partnership does not only mean achieving figures and goals. It is also important to grow on a personal level together, build trust and work on common values. This rarely works perfectly from the start. But I almost dare to say that it was quickly time for us. Honest communication and open discussions, sympathy and mutual support are the hallmarks of our business relationship.