With PVC pro, you can effortlessly realize all your PV projects in no time! This professional PV planning tool supports you in every single step of the planning process. PVC Pro – by experts for professionals!


Professional Planning Support

PVC pro offers comprehensive assistance in PV planning. The tool enables the realization of projects on various roof surfaces, regardless of their complexity. Naturally, PVC pro also considers specific requirements such as surface load.


Comprehensive Analysis

The tool performs static analyses and provides the user with extensive data such as charts, detailed reports, and yield values. It covers energy flow, climate data, string plans, and grid integration.


Economic Viability Calculation

With PCV pro, users can determine the economic viability of their PV system. They receive a comprehensive calculation including repayment schedules, payback period, and other key metrics to make informed investment decisions.


User-Friendly Interface

Despite its wide range of features, PCV Pro is designed to be user-friendly. It allows for easy data input and provides understandable results, enabling efficient planning and implementation of PV projects.


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